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Nearly 4,000 students are registered with our school, but as many of them are dual trainees (see 5. Training companies) only 1,800 to 2,000 are present at our premises every day.

The vast majority of our students are young adults aged 18-24; a minority of younger students mainly attend full-time tuition.

Full-time students usually live in the Pinneberg county. In the dual system of vocational training the location of the training company is decisive for the assignment of the responsible vocational college. This means that some dual students have to travel longer distances to our school, coming not only from our county or the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, but also from three neighbouring federal states.

Tuition is provided in more than 210 classes. Due to the high degree of vocational specialization class sizes vary from a very small number of students to a maximum of 30. The number of classes in the different departments varies according to the number of students.

Dual training is provided for 23 different professions. At the end of their training period the students sit a written exam in all key subjects and an oral and/or practical exam at the respective chamber (see 7. Cooperation with External Organizations). These degrees in dual training are highly recognized in Germany and a promising basis for a sound professional career.

Dual trainees with an intermediate secondary degree can attend additional evening lessons for two years and simultaneously achieve an advanced technical college entrance qualification with extra exams in German, English and Maths.

Full-time tuition in classes for social services and special needs care provide an acknowledged vocational degree, whereas the vocational secondary school ends with an intermediate secondary degree. Students in vocational preparation can obtain a basic secondary degree and/or improve their German language skills, which will increase their chances for entering a dual apprenticeship.