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Hello everyone

We are the BFS 23-1/2/3 and BFS22-2, training to become nursery assistants.

In our English lessons we had to create different nursery school rooms out of shoeboxes. We worked in groups of 2-3 students and had different options like developing a reading room, a sleeping room, a play room, an outside area etc. The goal was to put all the shoeboxes together and to create a big nursery school in the end.

First, we decided which room we wanted to create and developed a plan on how to design the room.

Then we looked for materials and inspiration. We used a variety of materials to create our shoebox nurseries. From craft paper and fabrics to recycled materials, the variety of resources not only reflects our creativity, but also highlights our efforts to integrate sustainable practices for the children.
Finally, we presented our rooms and decided together which ones were the best. We had a lot of fun and developed a lot of creativity. Also, communication in the groups was a big challenge, because we had to discuss, share our opinions and ideas and find solutions.

The results of this student project were gorgeous. The miniature shoebox nursery school looked fantastic and they reflect our commitment to education, creativity and sustainable practices.